Race proven in some of the fastest VWs in the World, Engle Cams feature billet strength and reliability while offering the most comprehensive choice of grinds available.
01-21-4100-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT W100 .420L/276D  $   86.95
01-21-4110-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT W110 .430L/284D  $   86.95
01-21-4120-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT W120 .435L/294D  $   86.95
01-21-4125-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT W125 .460L/301D  $   86.95
01-21-4130-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT W130 .460L/308D  $   86.95
01-21-4140-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT W140 .465L/313D  $   86.95
01-21-4014-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT VZ14 .462L/274D  $   94.95
01-21-4015-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT VZ15 .478L/279D  $   94.95
01-21-4025-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT VZ25 .470L/286D  $   94.95
01-21-4030-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT VZ30 .507L/298D  $   94.95
01-21-4035-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT VZ35 .490L/309D  $   94.95
01-21-4007-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT FK7  .500L/288D  $   94.95
01-21-4008-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT FK8  .534L/298D  $   94.95
01-21-4010-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT FK10 .539L/310D  $   94.95
01-21-4041-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT FK41 .510L/269D  $   94.95
01-21-4042-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT FK42 .522L/275D  $   94.95
01-21-4013-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT FK43 .536L/281D  $   94.95
01-21-4044-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT FK44 .547L/287D  $   94.95
01-21-4045-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT FK45 .561L/295D  $   94.95
01-21-4046-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT FK46 .571L/301D  $   94.95
01-21-4047-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT FK47 .587L/308D  $   94.95
01-21-4048-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT FK48 .587L/312D  $   94.95
01-21-4065-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT FK65 .478L/280D  $   94.95
01-21-4087-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT FK87 .561L/320D  $   94.95
01-21-4089-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT FK89 .582L/328D  $   94.95
01-21-4097-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT FK97 .622L/328D  $   94.95
01-21-4098-0 ENGLE CAMSHAFT FK98 .624L/332D  $   94.95
01-21-4210-0 ENGLE TURBOCAM TCS10, 284/276DX.430/.420L  $  110.95
01-21-4220-0 ENGLE TURBOCAM TCS20, 294/284DX.435/.430L  $  110.95
01-21-4230-0 ENGLE TURBOCAM TCS30, 308/294DX.460/.435L  $  110.95

Stock Replacement Camshafts


Brand new stock replacement camshaft is available in both early flat gear and late dished gear designs.  
01-98-1920-B STOCK CAM WITH FLAT GEAR, 1300-1600cc, 66-70 $ 67.95
01-98-1921-B STOCK CAM WITH DISHED GEAR, 1300-1600cc, 66-70 $ 67.95


Straight Cut Adj. Cam Gear Set

Steel cam and crank gear set with straight cut creates less drag for increased horsepower. Cam timing is adjustable with the special offset washers. Made from 8620 Carbonized billet steel for superior strength. The best you can buy.


Straight Cut Adj. Cam Gear Set

The straight cut gear set-up removes the thrust loads on the cam bearing. Requires less HP to drive than stock gear. New wide steel gear provides strength for long life. Supplied with bolts and 0, 2, 4 degree special washers for installation. This unit is of our manufacture- not imported.
Made of billet, not cast! Made in the U.S.A!


Bolt-On Cam Gear

Empi's Bolt-On Aluminum Cam Gear is made from high quality aluminum and precision machined for trouble free valve train performance. Works with all aftermarket and O.E. camshafts. Use Empi's high grade cam gear bolt to attach gear to cam.

 $ 27.95

01-21-4310-0 CAM GEAR BOLT SET, SET OF 3

 $ 3.95


Adjustable Cam Gear

Allows you to easily dial in your cam timing with the offset washers. The gear is precision machined from high quality aluminum and the kit includes special washers and bolts. Fits all 1200-1600cc Type 1/2/3 engines.
01-21-2510-0 ADJUSTABLE CAM GEAR  $ 47.95


Bolt-On Cam Gear

Use this bolt-on cam gear with any of our camshafts. Highest quality available to insure trouble free valve train performance. Can be used with all aftermarket cams. Cam bolts supplied. Made in the USA


Performance lifters

Performance lifters are a must when installing high performance cams.
01-21-4300-0 PERFORMANCE LIFTERS, SET OF (8) $ 37.95


31mm Hi-Performance lifters

Empi's 31mm surface contact lifters have 15% more contact area then stock lifters to reduce scuffing and early lobe wear. In addition this lifter has an oil hole in the face for extra lubrication for those high load, hi-performance applications. Made from one-piece billets and precision ground. Sold in matched sets of 8
01-21-4302-0 BIG FOOT 31mm LIFTERS, SET OF 8 $ 37.95


28mm Lightweight Racing lifters

Made from 1 piece chromoly billets and then precision ground and heat treated. These are the lightest and strongest lifters available. In addition the 01-21-4304 lifter has an oil hole in the face for extra lubrication for those high load, hi-performance applications
01-21-4300-0 BILLET 1-PIECE LIFTERS, 28mm, w/out OIL HOLE, SET OF (8) $ 37.95
01-21-4304-0 BILLET 1-PIECE LIFTERS, 28mm, w/OIL HOLE, SET OF (8) $ 37.95


30mm Lightweight Racing lifters

These lifters offer the same features as Empi's 28mm face lifters above, with the addition of 30mm face allowing for full contact when used with higher lift cam profiles. In addition the 01-21-4306 lifter has an oil hole in the face for extra lubrication for those high load, hi-performance applications These lifters can fill the needs of any racer!
01-21-4305-0 BILLET 1-PIECE LIFTERS, 30mm, w/OIL HOLE, SET OF (8) $ 37.95
01-21-4306-0 BILLET 1-PIECE LIFTERS, 30mm, SOLID FACE, SET OF (8) $ 37.95

Cam Bearings

Bearings are manufactured by Silverline and come in Std. & Double Thrust
01-98-1544-S CAM BEARING SET,Std 1300-1600cc  $ 23.95

01-98-1543-S CAM BEARING SET,Std 1300-1600cc, DOUBLE THRUST   $ 28.95