Stock Valves

Manufactured to exacting specifications.
01-98-1962-B EXHAUST VALVE, 32mm, EACH $ 10.95
01-98-1960-B INTAKE VALVE, 35.5mm, EACH $ 7.95


Stainless Steel Valves


These valves are high quality one piece forged stainless steel with swirl polished heads. Suitable for both intake and exhaust.
01-98-1932-B STAINLESS STEEL VALVE, 32mm, EACH $ 12.95
01-98-1935-B STAINLESS STEEL VALVE, 35.5mm, EACH $ 13.95
01-98-1937-B STAINLESS STEEL VALVE, 37mm, EACH $ 13.95
01-98-1940-B STAINLESS STEEL VALVE, 40mm, EACH $ 13.95
01-98-1942-B STAINLESS STEEL VALVE, 42mm, EACH $ 14.95
01-98-1944-B STAINLESS STEEL VALVE, 44mm, EACH $ 14.95


Valve Guides

Silicone Bronze valve guides reduce friction, improve lubrication and offer extended reliability. The shoulder design helps valve seals stay in place.
01-00-4002-0 EMPI VW VALVE GUIDE, BRONZE STD, EACH  $ 5.95


Chromoly Valve Spring Retainers

Manufactured from super lightweight chromoly, precision machined to an exacting tolerance and heat-treated.


Aluminum Valve Spring Retainers


Precision machined and heat-treated. These light weight high performance retainers will stand up to the demands of most performance engines.


Stock Valve Spring Retainers

Valve Spring Retainers have a hard life, having to withstand thousands of cycles per minute. It only makes sense to use new retainers on every stock valve job.


Valve Locks


Precision fit and heat-treated valve locks prevent valve groove wear and failure. Works with stock and stainless steel valves as well as stock and performance retainers.
01-00-4044-0 EMPI VALVE LOCKS (8 PAIR) $ 5.95


Hardened Valve Lash Caps


Hardened valve lash caps prevent the tips from mushrooming under the load of heavy valve spring pressure.
01-00-4006-0 EMPI HARDENED LASH CAPS (8)  $ 9.95


Stock Valve Spring Retainers

Valve Springs lose tension after years of service, resulting problems can include low compression and burnt exaust valves. These new springs are a must for all stock valve jobs.
01-98-1923-B STOCK VALVE SPRING 1200cc-1600cc, EACH  $  3.95


High-Rev. Valve Spring Kits


Everything you need to prepare your heads for high-lift cam use and high RPM applications. Kit includes single or dual high performance valve springs, light weight aluminum alloy retainers and hardened valve locks.
01-00-4045-0 EMPI HI REV KIT W/HD SPRINGS  $ 50.95
01-00-4060-0 EMPI HI REV KIT W/DUAL SPRINGS  $ 72.95


High-Rev. Valve Springs


Prevent engine damage due to valve float or worn and weak springs. Made from special silicone spring steel. For high RPM applications, the dual valve springs offer improved control and reliability.
01-00-4040-0 EMPI HI-PERF VALVE SPRINGS (8)  $ 28.95
01-00-4042-0 EMPI HI-PERF DUAL SPRINGS (8)  $ 54.95


Spark Plug Thread Repair Insert


No need to remove the head to repair a stripped spark plug thread. With our KD type 7/16" inserts the job can be done the quick and easy way.
01-00-4013-0 VW Spark Plug Insert (4)

$ 4.95