Rhino Transmission Case

Performance street cars and off-road applications can be hard on stock transmission cases, often causing failure at the worst possible time. Rhino Transmission Cases are O.E.M. cases cast with heavy reinforcing ribs that greatly increases strength and rigidity.
01-98-3001-B RHINO TRANSMISSION CASE , EACH  $   394.95

Transmission Nose Cone

New genuine transmission nose cones

01-98-3006-B GEAR SHIFT HOUSING, NOSE CONE, TYPE-1 62-72, EACH  $ 42.95

Transmission Gasket kit

All gaskets and seal required to rebuild your transmission.

01-98-2077-0 TRANS REBUILD GASKET SET  $ 11.95

Transaxle Lock Nut Kit

Complete kit featuring nylon-insert locking nuts.

01-00-9522-0 TRANSAXLE LOCK NUT KIT  $ 4.95

4:86 To 1 Ring and Pinion

The Original and still the best!  For all tunnel type VW transaxles, this lower ratio gear set allow use of larger rear tires or increasing the RPM range with a power producing 4:86 to 1 ratio. Quality that racers and off-roaders have depended on for years. Made in the USA!!

BP-5024-11 4.86 TO 1 RING&PINION SET, SPLINED  $ 434.95


11 Tooth Spider Gears

Quality replacement spider gears for all 11-Tooth applications

14-301151-11 11-TOOTH SPIDER GEAR, EACH  $   13.95

Swing Axle Super Diffs

After years of intensive research, Bugpack is now able to offer the finest transaxle Super Diffs ever made. Starting with a high quality, non-porous steel alloy casting and then we totally machine it using only the latest CNC state of the art equipment. Added to this is a precision made steel alloy spider gear section and high tensile snap rings inserts. Use the spider gears of your choice. Made in the USA!! (Spider gears sold separate)

BP-5081-10 RACE DIFF W/SNAP RING  $ 168.95

IRS Super Diffs

These units provide the needed strength to withstand the abuse of high horsepower engines. They eliminate the stock housing flex problem in addition to providing for an extra pair of spider gears. Units also allow infinite ring gear lash adjustment and do not affect steering or steering brake operation. (Spider gears sold separate)

BP-5072-10 IRS DIFF W/O SPIDER GEARS  $ 209.95

1st & 2nd Main Shaft Assemblies

Brand new closer ratio gear 1st and 2nd set designed to withstand the rigors of competition. Solves the RPM drop problem between first and second to third gear. Various ratios available to suit your requirements. Main shaft machined from super strong 9310 steel. Fits all Type-1 transaxle.

BP-5056 3.55:1 1st & 2.21:1 2nd GEAR SET  $ 809.95

Close Ratio Gears

Lower the final drive 3rd and 4th gear with these heat-treated hardened alloy steel gears. Precision machined and ground for exact replacement of the original gears. Off-road vehicles which naturally require many more gear changes especially benefit from the closer ratio. Made by GEM.

BP-5001 1.22 to 1 FOURTH GEAR, KEYED  $ 242.95
BP-5002 1.22 to 1 FOURTH GEAR, SPLINED  $ 242.95
BP-5003 1.43 to 1 FOURTH GEAR, KEYED  $ 242.95
BP-5004 1.43 to 1 FOURTH GEAR, SPLINED  $ 242.95
BP-5005 1.04 to 1 FOURTH GEAR, KEYED  $ 242.95
BP-5006 1.04 to 1 FOURTH GEAR, SPLINED  $ 242.95
BP-5007 1.58 to 1 THIRD GEAR, ALL  $ 242.95
BP-5008 1.32 to 1 FOURTH GEAR, KEYED  $ 242.95
BP-5009 1.31 to 1 FOURTH GEAR, SPLINED  $ 242.95
BP-5010 1.48 to 1 THIRD GEAR, ALL  $ 242.95
BP-5011 1.13 to 1 FOURTH GEAR, KEYED  $ 242.95
BP-5012 1.13 to 1 FOURTH GEAR, SPLINED  $ 242.95
BP-5021 1.70 to 1 THIRD GEAR, ALL  $ 242.95

Heavy Duty Gear Keys

These heavy duty gear keys are machined from high strength steel alloy and heat treated. Rated twice the strength of stock keys, for both 3rd and 4th gears.

BP-5019 GEAR KEYS, PAIR  $  14.95

Spacer and Washer

Gear Spacer and Washers are use between 3rd & 4th gears in 1961-66 sedan and 1960-67 transporter transaxles. Replaces the stock VW shim to reduce shock load on gears.


Heavy Duty Side Plates

The abuse of off-road can cause separation of ring and pinion due to flexing of stock side plate. Damage to the entire transmission can then occur. To correct this, install a heavy duty aluminum side plate. Available to fit 61 and later VW transaxles. One model for swingaxles, another for the IRS. These side plates replace the thrust side cover in order to prevent damage under extreme horsepower and high side load conditions such as occurs in off-road competition


Axle Tube Retainers

Heavy duty steel retainers are the perfect replacements for thin stamped stock axle tube retainers. Precision machined to eliminate leaky gaskets and O-rings. They add tremendous strength in retaining axle in rough off-road running. Ensure trouble-free operation. One pair fits all VW's with swingaxle transmission and can be used when transmission is already assembled.


H.D. Bearing Thrust Plates

These strong steel main bearing thrust plates eliminate movement of main shaft bearing. Aids in maintaining the alignment of the gears on the main and pinion shafts to give the gears Full contact thereby reducing the chances of failure. Allows use of 2 bolt nose cones on 3 bolt (late model) style transmission (on the T-1 model) and 68 up to Vanagon on the Type-2.

BP-5058-10 MAINSHAFT BEARING THRUST PLATE,T-1, 61-77  $   17.95

Transmission Detent Plugs

These plugs replace the original equipment detent plugs in the transmission when complete servicing of the transmission is necessary. The detent plugs must be removed when the shift selector forks require attention and new detent plugs installed.